About Us

We’re a professional photography team based in Antwerp. We developed our skills through school, self-taught.

Robbe Heylen

Manager / Photographer

Robbe is a creative mastermind, with his impulsive ideas he makes everyone smile. "I'm here to make sure the team is okay, in the field I push myself and my camera to the limits".

Lowie van Hal

Manager / Photographer

Lowie is a real manager, he makes sure the team knows what to do and makes stunning photos. "My job will be to negotiate and make sure everyone (clients and crew) is happy on the job".



Yasmine is a student at RHMedia, her camera is her third eye. When she is selected as your photographer, brace yourself to be blown away.



Fleur is a 'beast' in wedding and business photography. With her creative view on the shooting day she will turn your shooting organisation into an absolute blast!


Editor / Photoshop Artist

Lars is a real mastermind when it comes to editing and Adobe Programs. He's a real creative centipede, there is nothing he cannot do.


Graphic Designer

Berre, a 'piece unique', he is one of the best graphic designers in West Flanders. With jobs for the city of Aalter and his finished studies, he is a great value for RHMedia

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We’re a photography team based in Belgium that goes under the moto: “your digital partner”. We focus ourselves on delivering quality and a fast service. Capturing moments and memorizing them for the rest of your life is what we love to do! Our team is dedicated and passionate about every project.